Progress Report

Whew! Piece by piece, it looks like we are getting Doveglion off the ground! We thank our writers for building this momentum with their excellent work. Thomas Sayers Ellis once wrote, “Let the work network,” and in this, we are firm believers.

That said, I wanted to say a couple of things about format, and let you know what you all can expect to see here in the coming weeks.

As Doveglion is currently an e-publication, we figured we would free ourselves from the confines of traditional print publication issues or volumes. It’s beneficial, I think, to the writer, and to the readers. If you are like me, then you can be overwhelmed with the glut of work contained in a single issue, and never get to all of the awesome work created by some promising or amazing artists.

The blog format works for us, then. It gives us all space to breathe, read, meditate on the work. You don’t even have to keep checking back here. Just add us to your RSS feed reader, which will let you know when to visit us as a new essay, poem, manifesto, interview, or review is posted.

Speaking of which, here’s who you can expect to see in the coming weeks: you will see Sesshu Foster again, as well as Jerrold Shiroma, Ching-In Chen, Kenji C. Liu, Jean Vengua, Reginald Dwayne Betts, J. Michael Martinez, Jai Arun Ravine, and much more in the works.

Thanks again, and if you haven’t already, please do read Sesshu Foster and Arturo Romo, Fly the East L.A. Dirigible Transport Lines!

[Baybayin source:]



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