Have come, am here.

Welcome to the official website of Doveglion Press.

Doveglion Press is an independent publisher of political literature and orature. We are committed to publishing aesthetically diverse and challenging works of strong artistic merit.

Doveglion, the pen name which Jose Garcia Villa crafted from the dove, eagle, and lion, is a fantastic and hybrid creature, signifying the writer’s ability to embody multitudes, and from splintered selves, to reinvent, and to reconstruct him/herself anew.

Future projects include a semi-annual print journal, interactive blog with rotating guest writers, and an audio/video gallery.

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4 Thoughts on “Have come, am here.

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  2. Exciting! Congratulations.

  3. Oscar Bermeo on July 29, 2010 at 7:50 am said:

    Thanks, Kenji & Francisco. Hope to see both of you in the comment stream in the future.


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