But how is this political?

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We just finished adding a Creative Commons license to Doveglion so that all present and future content will be available to anyone who needs it.  Making our content open is critical to Doveglion’s mission and, for me, one of our strongest political statements.

Creating an environment where cheap jerseys anyone can drop in and read a poem, manifesto, essay, or review is one part ask of wholesale mlb jerseys the equation.  Another part will be multimedia articles like interviews cheap nba jerseys in print, audio, and video formats.  And as the technology gives us better tools to promote literature and orature, we’ll add them to Doveglion.  So all the pieces are in place. Anything missing?  Yeah, curating.

It seems like I’ve already mentioned curating when I speak about gathering content but there Manifesto is another part to curating and software that part is actively getting all this information into the right hands.  In Doveglion’s case, the right hands Called are any hands who are willing to not only contribute wholesale jerseys to our content base but also is looking to share it with their individual constituency.  This venture isn’t about bringing beautiful poetry together to just stare at it like museum art guarded by velvet ropes and security guards.  No, we’re putting this art out into the open and, by way of the CC license, for folks to share—teach it in your class, bring it to workshop, read it on a mic, post it on your blog; remix—incorporate it into your creative and critical writing; and share alike—we’re making it open, you should too.

This all ties back to the political for me because sharing poetry as openly as possible creates an economy of words and ideas, the Эротика antithesis of free market economy which apparently is the new name for cheap jerseys capitalism so that tells me it’s the opposite of free. See what they Little did with language there?

We hope you’ll come through on the other end of the deal and continue trading in the economy of ideas. Some fine writers have already come to the table and shared their thoughts on Doveglion. Good lookin’ out—Karen An-hwei Lee, Albert B. Casuga, Lantern Review and Jean Vengua. Looking forward to trading in more ideas with ya.

Jus’ curious: Anything come, else missing from this curating equation?

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2 Thoughts on “But how is this political?

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  2. From this article I saw this is Guy’s Google Reader Shared Items:

    As David Levi Strauss puts it, “one could say that the split within curating—between the management and control of public works (law) and the cure of souls (faith)—was there from the beginning. Curators have always been a curious mixture of bureaucrat and priest.”

    I am still figuring out how to respond to this question of curation. I do believe it’s much more than compiling a bunch of things/words/images that interest us – it’d be like saying my Google Reader items are a curated body, which I don’t think it is.

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